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Server Information

WakandaRO is a free-to-play Ragnarok Online private server that hope to bring out the essence of Renewal system close to the people of South-East Asia. With us you can enjoy a number of official Instances, fully implemented 3rd jobs and custom features to excite you daily. We work hard to bring you the newest updates and contents to make everyone hoping they have more time on hand to do everything. Join us now and begin writing your own stories of your adventure!

Information for WakandaRO
Episode 17.2 Renewal
Max Level 200/70
Max Stats 130 (3rd job)
Max ASPD 193
Server Started 10 Jan 2021 ,Sunday (GMT+8 Singapore Time)
Party Share Range 20 Levels
Exp and Drop Rates
Base & Job 10x
Quest Exp 10x
Item Drop 20x
Card Drop 10x
MiniBoss Card Drop 3x
MVP Card Drop 3x

Custom Features

WakandaRO will be constantly working out on custom features to enhance your gameplay. We do not believe in pay-to-win in our server, therefore custom features are carefully planned and created for the sole purpose of our free-to-play players..

Daily Calander Reward Daily & Weekly Quest
Achievements and Titles Automated Events
Renewal Drop penalty removed Eden Gramps
Pet Evolution Refine UI with Blacksmith Blessing


Several automated events are enabled in the server. Seasonal events that follows your holiday period will also be held. Stay tuned in our Facebook page or Discord for up and coming events!